Simpson declined to say what steps he needed to take with Howard or Manuel to get reinstated. I’m never one of the moral high ground guys, but seeing the same people who talk shit about the morality of anybody on our schedule try to play mental gymnastics with the case is funny. The suit contends a charity trust set up by Capote before his death owns the rights to develop a prequel, sequel or television series inspired by the 1961 film. Vince of 231 said... (original post)The Donald R. Shepard Director of Athletics' wife's RAV4 did not crash itself. Ends up her mom demands she come back home to Detroit on 6 mile. The Associated Press contributed to this report. You can also get it from Underground Printing, the Bo Store, and Nicola's Books. "He just texted us, and he kind of told us he wasn't going to be traveling with us," center Jon Teske said. She has an older sister named Malia. Many adults may suffer from ADHD without even realizing. All of this secretive business seems to reflect consciousness of guilt on some level about something involved in the matter and it makes me uncomfortable. I was at… by GoBlueGoWings, In reply to You must be blind then by njvictor, In reply to No, you must be blind. It wasn't until her reign as first lady that she was invited to join the historical “divine nine" sorority. Sasha Obama. Stop deluding yourself, Basketball was in the title game twice in the last decade...hard to argue we should've been cheating instead of doing it Beilein's way, In reply to Basketball was in the title… by lhglrkwg. I don’t think dating Sasha Obama is a suspendible offense anyway. Rachel Bloom opens up about Adam Schlesinger dying as her daughter was born: 'The word intense barely describes that time', David Duchovny talks anti-Trump song, Facebook and what Fox Mulder would be doing in 2020, Celebrity pastor Carl Lentz fired for 'moral failures': What to know about Hillsong Church, '127 Hours' turns 10: Danny Boyle looks back at infamous amputation scene, Vince Vaughn on prospects of 'Wedding Crashers' sequel: 'There’s an idea that’s a good idea', 'Best earbuds ever': This top-rated Bose pair is on sale for $40 off, Chrissy Teigen Scolds Husband For Cheating. is the son of athletic director Warde Manuel, was reinstated for Michigan’s trip to Rutgers, At the Monday press conference before the Nebraska trip. It is the lead story on ESPN college basketball right now. She is not dating anyone currently. 1 game is far too little for this. In all fairness, you stated you saw the whole team there then dropped that down to 4 team members. Cop pulled me over. Sir517 said... (original post)No proof she wasn't there either, MindlessChaos said... (original post)Not sure I'd the body/dash cams were on or not. We all have to admit if this happened at Online State we would be demanding the FBI check into it. We'll take a huge scholarship reduction and 5 year postseason ban. D'Jon Antone, 18, was arrested without incident by a fugitive task force in North Texas and police in Grand Prairie, Tex., for capital murder, according to the Grand Prairie Police Department. I was not aware they are currently dating. Simpson told police he was the only person in the car when the accident occurred. Sasha Obama has not been previously engaged. In reply to Simpson isn’t a fucking… by TheCube. Sasha Obama is the daughter of Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. Like any legacy, if Sasha Obama decides to join Alpha Kappa Alpha like her mom, she's in. Agreed if this is his parents owning the car and he and they are on the policy, however, he seems to be indicating that his mother is not on the policy and he is insuring it. Isn’t that the reason anyone knows of this is because they were asking around abo... Sir517 said... (original post)Wait what? All rights reserved (About Us). Perfectly, Early Black Friday steal! But since it's at Michigan, the excuses start rolling in. He said he was given the news in front of his teammates after that Friday’s practice. Such as rape, domestic violence, burglary  ect. "He knows that the team is going to miss him," Howard said. All Rights Reserved. The Donald R. Shepard Director of Athletics' wife's RAV4 did not crash itself. In reply to The fact that you don't see… by Dray_go_blue. While the article says the officers didn't think he was drunk, I saw him and the whole team at Skeeps that night (after a loss may I add). He is second on the school's career list in assists. Howard said Simpson's status would be evaluated again after Tuesday's game. At the risk of drawing some ire, I am of the opinion that based on my cumulative observation of Simpson’s disposition this season that his graduation is going to be well timed. The education details are not available at this time. Unreal early Black Friday deal: Apple AirPods are even cheaper than they were on Prime Day! Officers found the senior point guard outside the vehicle that made contact with a pole and street sign on the corner of Hill Street and South Forest Avenue at 3:03 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 26, according to the report. A 1 game punishment for what he did is a bad look, In reply to What a fucking idiot… by njvictor, Car is Warde’s but it was one his son drove. Making informed decisions about how and where we need to go — and, as always, in the most efficient way possible — is by far the most challenging job of any leadership team. The right thing is to get your athletes out of trouble with the law unless they harmed another person. Most wouldn’t even try to rationalize the headline after seeing a player was driving the AD’s car at a rival school. Also want to say that it would be a much better approach to explain the full circumstances publicly and then just state that the one game suspension was sufficient. When interviewed on Feb. 5 by an investigator, Simpson said he drove the car into a utility pole due to icy conditions, according to the police report. Michigan guard Zavier Simpson, who leads the nation in assists, has been suspended for an undisclosed violation of team policies and will miss Tuesday's game against Nebraska. I'm assuming OP knows this, or at least was steered in the right direction, but you never know. He’s a fucking idiot for not using Uber or Lyft from fucking Skeeps (if true) AND then lying about being the driver. Design by Human Element. Much more concerned that the cops didn’t breathalyze him or anything like that and that Simpson, as the senior leader, did not have the realization that lying about who he was is worse than just telling the truth initially, In reply to I don’t think that matters… by bacon1431. "We have addressed this situation with Zavier and continue to move forward," a Michigan basketball spokesman said Thursday in a statement, according to MLive. Dodge writes that Simpson was given a ticket for driving too fast for the current road conditions, but that police did not comment on whether any impaired driving occurred or if he took a breathalyzer test. MLive, citing a police report, reported Thursday that officers found Simpson outside the vehicle around 3 a.m. on Jan. 26. Michigan PG Zavier Simpson, suspended after crashing AD Warde Manuel’s family car. It's honestly sickening, truly..... sigh. If we pride ourselves on doing the right thing, THEN DO THE FUCKING RIGHT THING. It was mentioned here, but in the context of internet gossip. Thread starter spartangeo; Start date Jan 30, 2020; S. spartangeo All-Van Pelt. "That was the idea of the film: Can we get the audience to that point where they think, ‘Do it. Honestly think Juwan's punishment was weak, EDIT: Go ahead and downvote me. Close. and Who's the named insurer on the insurance policy that is covering said vehicle. Andrew Mills | NJ Advance Media for Crashing into a telephone pole isn't an NCAA violation. I own my house and my moms(formerly my grandmothers) she owns all the cars. Who cares if they were there after the game. Posted by. Did you hear that from somewhere credible? 1 game is far too little for this. Give him some slack. If this was MSU, OSU, pretty much anywhere but here, I'd hope that you'd see the giant red flag here, and see that there's obviously something more to it. Her parents are President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. "I know I let my coaches, teammates, and fans down as well as athletic department and community members.